Your 24 Hour Fire Sentinel

Elide Fire ® - Fire Extinguishing Ball

The Future Of Fire Threats

The key to all emergencies is time, the longer it takes for any emergency services to react the more damage occurs. This is particularly applicable to fires. The sooner someone or something reacts to a fire, the chances of extinguishing the blaze becomes exponentially better. For this purpose, this new technology fire suppression device, Elide Fire Fire Extinguishing Ball, is ideally suited.


Easy To Use

The product is safe, lightweight and easy to use by anyone.

Advanced Technology

Elide Fire Dry Chemical Powder ABS Extinguishes Fires In Seconds.

5 Year Guarentee

The product will remain active up to 5 years during guarentee.

Why Elide Fire?

90% of average citizens have never operated or used a conventional fire extinguisher, and in almost all instances when required to do so in an emergency fire situation, can not activate or effectively operate the canister. Also, much training and documentation is spent on evacuation plans, escape routes and external assembly points, and almost one hundred percent of people are instructed and instinctively run away from a fire situation. Untrained people are not encouraged to turn around and attempt to extinguish a fire.

For this purpose, the Elide Fire Fire Extinguishing Ball is ideal. We have a variety of options for small to medium to large purchases, find out more.

Fire Extinguisher Ball

How does It Work?

In a static installation, as soon as the flames touch the fire ball it explodes instantly extinguishing the fire. Should a fire break out nearby any person can simply toss the round Elide Fire Ball into the flames, thereby extinguishing the fire.

The device is lightweight (1,3kg) and can instinctively be tossed into a fire any one, including women, children and the elderly.

The key advantage and ultimate purpose of the Elide Fire Ball is to extinguish a fire long before it gets out of control, and in many instances before an alarm is triggered or anyone is aware of the fire.

Counterfeit Products

Please be aware that due to the growing popularity of fire extinguishing balls a number of counterfeit products have made their way into the market. These products are fake and do not work in the nature that they are intended to. Elide Fire Ball Extinguishing Fire Ball has an international patent and trademark. We urge caution to consumers when purchasing fire extinguishing balls from non-reputable sources. Find Out More.